2014 Figure Skating NEWS: The TEAM event in Sochi, and predictions.


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2014 Figure Skating NEWS: The TEAM event in Sochi, and predictions.

So the 2014 Olympics are moments away and we have 30 nations participating in the figure skating competition:

Australia (4)         Austria (4)                 Azerbaijan (2)
Belgium (1)          Brazil (1)                    Canada (17)
China (9)             Czech Republic (3)    Estonia (2)
France (9)           Georgia (1)                Germany (10)
Great Britain (6)   Israel (3)                    Italy (11)
Japan (10)          Kazakhstan (2)          Lithuania (1)
Norway (1)           Philippines (1)           Romania (1)
Russia (15)          Slovakia (1)               South Korea (3)
Spain (4)             Sweden (2)                Turkey (2)
Ukraine (6)          United States (15)    Uzbekistan (1)
Numbers stated are the number of athletes.

We’ll also see an introduction to the Team competition. Since 2009 a team event in Japan has taken place (although not ever year).

So what is the TEAM competition?

The team competition is where countries compete against each other.

This Olympics marks the TEAM’ debut, each country will have a number of skaters in each category; pairs, ladies, men and ice dance.  The skaters will perform as usual and the scores are added up at the end to decide the winners.

In order to qualify for the team event skaters from each country must perform well in international competition (it’s a bit like the rankings in tennis). At the *end of the season/or before a major event* these rankings and points are summed up and each nation is given a number and position.

Some countries are not eligible because they don’t have skaters to perform in a certain category. For more information on this click the Wikipedia link.

The team event will be spectacular; it will show a different side to the sport where you’ll see skaters actively supporting their rivals, albeit because there are OLYMPIC medals at steak it could create resentment and animosity if a skater doesn’t perform well.  It should be a tantalising event especially as it will take place before the individual competitions.

Woohoo, go team GB!

My predictions:

Japan has a deep field of skaters in the singles category however they lag in other categories.

Russia has a more balanced field with 2 strong female skaters, strong ice dancers and pairs, they also have Plushenko who will probably score half way decent, but if the judging is FAIR, he shouldn’t really make too much of splash.

The USA also has a well-rounded team; there are pretty much strong skaters within all the categories, the same for Canada.

With that in mind and after roughly calculating the average PB score of each participating party in each nation mentioned above the podium looked something like this:

1) USA~

2) Russia~

3) Japan

Although I’m torn between the USA and Russia because my calculations had them quite close but the main thing is that there are skaters like Abbott who can really crash out in competition and I think the Russians overall skater with more consistency than the USA. Canada surprisingly didn’t score as high.

Anyway, yaaay more skating to watch!!!

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